Caring and Sharing

By Debby Kay ©2014 All rights reserved

I cannot think of anyone better than our dogs that care and share so openly of everything. Every day my dogs are always willing to go work for me and share their joy and spirit with me. There is never hesitation; there is only a total commitment to making me happy with their presence. What a great example for all of us to follow.

This got me thinking of ways we can show our dogs we really care for them. The obvious first thing that comes to mind is caring by what we feed them. Now might be a good time to re-evaluate the food you are giving your dog. Is the protein the correct amount for your dog since you choose this formula? Have you been switching protein sources on a regular basis so your dog’s gut has the variety it needs to be healthy? When was the last time you looked at what you are supplementing with or if you are even supplementing? Perhaps your dog could use a boost with some extra supplementation. Is what you are doing the best you can afford? Are there better quality foods or supplements that you could provide that would help your dog to be healthier?

The second thing I thought of was grooming. I am probably as guilty as anyone owning Labradors for not spending enough time or effort on grooming. My dogs could use more frequent baths and I have resolved to be better at doing this. Weekly brushing is just as important though and something I do regularly. I also do a weekly 14-point wellness assessment of the condition of the dog at the same time. By methodically going over your dog every week it is surprising how many times you can pick up on little changes and catch things before they become major problems (you can read this as equaling major vet bills).

The final thing I thought of was just showing my love and appreciation to my dogs by sharing in something they enjoy; like running through the fields, swimming in the river, or playing puzzles in the evening before bedtime. They seem to beam from ear to ear when I join them in the pack games and get down and play at their level. It makes me happy to see them smile and I swear they are really smiling too.

field with many dogs running

My dogs really seem to enjoy running and sniffing in the fields of our farm

Indeed, this time of the year is one that reminds us in many ways that we should give thanks for all our many blessings. When I reflect back on my humble beginnings 45 years ago and the struggles I endured to get where I am today, I feel especially blessed. I literally started with nothing but a dream to help people and dogs communicate better through a training program focused on making it easy and fun for both to learn. I also dreamed of creating a successful breeding program of service dogs, which my Chilbrook Labradors have far exceeded my wildest aspirations. So many wonderful and supportive people have helped me over the years and I am finally in a place where I can give back and help others in a way I could not before.

From now until December 14th I am running a campaign to raise money for the JDRF, the largest non-profit supporting research for diabetes. For every sale of the set of my Super Sniffer™ Handbook- A Guide for Scent Training Medical Alert Dogs and DVD, I will donate 50% of the proceeds back to JDRF.

I have already discounted the book for the holidays from the regular price of $45 to $34.93 to help folks keep within their holiday budgets. So here is a way to give a gift twice, once to your family, friend, school, or favorite library and also to JDRF and all the lives impacted by diabetes. Just use the code JDRF at check out in the coupon code box.

Sending warm and heartfelt thanks to everyone for a joyous holiday season.