On being nosey

In a short while I will begin teaching tracking classes to folks and their dogs interested in trying something different. I like to think of tracking as way more fun then just taking a dog for a walk, or jogging by myself as you are out in different areas, under many different weather conditions and you are working towards a goal.

I believe that goals are very important in any endeavor in order to achieve results. Tracking is not difficult for dogs, they come equipped with great noses, love to sniff things and that is all we are asking they bring to the game. The sport of tracking humans in AKC or other organization’s competitions is all about following a specific trail and finding articles. What makes this so much fun for the dogs is they are in charge! Its really the only sport where you can not make the dog do what they have to do in order to pass. There must be a lot of trust and a great relationship between the handler and the dog in order to succeed.

Are you intrigued? I hope you and your dog can join me at the Mason Dixon Kennel Club in Boonsboro MD later this month. Please visit their website for details.

One comment on “On being nosey

  1. Linda says:

    Love tracking, and Cùltaca’s hobby is tracking lost dogs…we worked with a group in PA until I moved to NC.
    Wishing I lived closer because would love to take your course with her!

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