Seasons Greetings

As 2015 winds down and we near the holidays I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone everywhere for their kindness, friendship and support this past year.  It has been a joy to meet and work with so many passionate people dedicated to our wonderful dogs.  I wish each one of you continuing success with your training and a safe and happy new year.  Debby Kay and Sweet Snoopers.


4 comments on “Seasons Greetings

  1. Jean E. May says:

    Hi, Debby, I live in Houston, Texas, and follow your posts. Some day I would love to come see your facility, and maybe even get in in line for a home puppy. This is a photo of my Sophie, bred in the Houston area by Kelli Corcoran. She is a great hunter and a sweet companion.

    Merry Christmas! Jean E. May 713.899.0178


  2. Elizabeth Gallagher says:

    Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year. Training with you in 2015 was a life changing event for Tabouli and me. Not only was your seminar fun and educational, it made a a huge impact on my life in many ways. Meeting the parents of the TD1 children made me appreciate all of the years I lived without this disease. It is one of the toughest hurdles I have faced (as I love sweets) but I’m not a child or a parent waking up so many times a night to be sure all is okay and that my child is safe. Training and owning a DAD gives all us that extra line of defense in catching issues before they escalate. I live by myself so it is extremely important me that I am not alone. Thank you for all of the many years that you have given to training dogs to save lives. You are a very special friend to many.

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